Prototype and Data Visualization

The full concept of the ADAPT solution involves the consultation with the stakeholders (ANSPs and AUs), not only to refine the metrics needed in their decision-making processes, but also to define a way of presenting and assessing this information in a useful way. Since the ADAPT consortium has expertise in data visualization techniques and HMI design, the outcomes of the project will be developed into static and dynamic visualizations, abstracting the relevant features and allowing users to understand the type and operational impact of the information presented. The whole process will be carried out iteratively to ensure an active involvement of the end-users in achieving a final product that is fulfilling their needs.


Contact Info

Prof. Lorenzo Castelli - University of Trieste

Phone: +39 040 558 3416

Giuseppe Frau - Deep Blue

Phone: +39 06 85 55 208 (ext. 50)