A day in the sky

The ADAPT project aim to support strategic planning with a set of models able to accomodate the air traffic demand without introducing capacity problems to the European network and, at the same moment, allowing a certain degree of flexibility.

In terms of data, the result of such models are a set of flight plans, with related time-windows representing the measure of flexibility associated with each crossing sector during the future trip. Of course, time-window might be quite different from each others depending on the centrality of a sector and on the time of the day. Therefore, in the ADAPT solution there are sectors “offering” narrow time-windows to part of the flights, causing a limitation of flexibility.

Understanding the quality of our solution and inspiring operational use cases is of key importance for the project. These are exactly the goals of the ADAPT visualization tool.

The tools allows the explore an entire day of planned traffic produced by the ADAPT models targeting 1st of September 2017 and using as input only the information available 6 months before the target day, therefore flight demands and historical data coming from DDR2 data of Eurocontrol.


Contact Info

Prof. Lorenzo Castelli - University of Trieste

Phone: +39 040 558 3416

Giuseppe Frau - Deep Blue

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