ADAPT’s 2nd advisory board meeting

On October 2nd, we had our second advisory board meeting. It’s been a good opportunity to present and discuss our results with the main stake holders of the ADAPT concept. If you want to catch up with our latest results you can find here our technical presentations. This is what we have been talking about:

– The ADAPT strategic model, namely, how are we able to produce a set of flight plans for a day without breaking the sector capacities

[Download ADAPT Strategic Model Presentation]

– Cost estimation of delays. What if things still go wrong, what is the cost in case of delay?

[Download ADAPT Cost Estimation of Delays Presentation]

– Results visualization. Read our news here: A day in the sky. Visualizing the European air-traffic of an entire day. Or directly look at the tool 

– Flight centric assessment, namely, are the flight plans in our solution ok to fly?

[Download ADAPT Flight Centric Assessment Presentation]

– Network wide assessment, namely, how do we measure how good is our solution, globally, considering the whole European network?

[Download ADAPT Network Wide Tactical Assessment Presentation]

You can download our presentations and read our deliverables for further information.
Or just contact us if you are interested in our results


Contact Info

Prof. Lorenzo Castelli - University of Trieste

Phone: +39 040 558 3416

Giuseppe Frau - Deep Blue

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