Work Plan and Deliverables

WP1 Project management (M1 – M24)

The objective of WP1 is to manage the project towards a scientific, technical and dissemination success, with the highest level of quality and within the cost and schedule envelope approved by the European Commission and the SJU.


WP2 Data management and scenario definition (M1 – M19)

This WP will take care of acquisition, elaboration and management of all the data necessary for the project, and definition of a set of scenarios needed for testing and validation of proposed ADAPT solution.


WP3 The ADAPT strategic solution (M1 – M18)

This WP will define the flexibility measure in terms of time windows, by giving a strategic indication on how flexible or critical the execution of each flight can expect to be, and the location and severity of hotspots in the network (sectors and airports). It will also propose some capacity and demand management actions that can be taken at the strategic level to reduce the expected operational flight costs and quantify to what extent the flight flexibility may vary because of these actions.


WP4 Flight-centric tactical assessment (M1 – M23)

The objective of this WP is to assess the TWs at the tactical level from an aircraft performance point of view. The expected fuel consumption and arrival delays are evaluated as a result of employing TWs. The assessment takes into account stochastic air traffic sources such as weather forecasts errors and departure delays.


WP5 Network-wide tactical assessment and data visualisation (M4 – M22)

This WP has two objectives. The first one is to assess, from the network perspective, the impact of ADAPT solution in the tactical phase. The second is to develop innovative data visualisation techniques to effectively communicate the results of the analyses to the relevant stakeholders.


WP6 Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication (M1 – M24)

The objective of this WP is threefold: first, to constitute and exploit stakeholder consultation process, second to disseminate and communicate the findings of the project to stakeholders, regulators and (other) researchers (ATM and other fields), and third to create the conditions for moving the project results towards the next steps of the concept lifecycle and the relevant applicative context.


Contact Info

Prof. Lorenzo Castelli - University of Trieste

Phone: +39 040 558 3416

Giuseppe Frau - Deep Blue

Phone: +39 06 85 55 208 (ext. 50)