This page contains a list of software libraries and models we are using and improving within the ADAPT project. We will constantly update the list during the activities. Most of them are open source: if you want to contribute with your code or just need information about it, please visit the git hub page or contact us.


Blue Sky is on open-source simulator that supports research on Air Traffic Management and Air Traffic Flows (Hoekstra & Ellerbroek, 2016)*
We simulate flights arriving at several major European airports using the BlueSky ATC simulator (Hoekstra & Ellerbroek, 2016). The inputs of the simulation are the optimized flight plans. The simulation assess the impact of the optimized flight plans on the aircraft delay and fuel consumption.

Blue Sky GitHub Page

Hoekstra, J. & Ellerbroek, J., 2016. BlueSky ATC Simulator Project: An open Data and Open Source Approach. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Research in Air Transportation.

ELSA Simulator

This an air traffic scenario simulator featuring an Agent-Based Model (ABM) and simulating different some concepts from air traffic management. It has been developed by the ELSA project, “Empirically grounded agent based models for the future ATM scenario”, funded via the Work Package E of SESAR. It aims at studying some of the new concepts foreseen by SESAR.
ELSA Github page

Gurtner, G., Bongiorno, C., Ducci, M., and Miccichè, S., 2017. An empirically grounded agent based simulator for the air traffic management in the SESAR scenario. Journal of Air Transport Management,

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