PEOPLE: Lorenzo Castelli, Tatjana Bolic

The main activity of the Operations Research group at the University of Trieste is related to mathematical optimisation applied to logistics and transport, with emphasis on various aspects of air traffic management, including market-based mechanisms for ATFM and airport slot allocation, analytical models to integrate flexibility to flights in congested airspaces or subject to disruptions as during explosive volcanic eruptions, and pricing mechanisms to redistribute traffic across the European air network.


PEOPLE: Giuseppe Frau, Giorgio Sestili, Victor Ciulei

Deep Blue is a research and consultancy Italian SME, specialised in human factor, safety, validation and scientific dissemination. The company operates in contexts with high security, dependability and resilience requirements, such as ATM, Aviation, Railways Transportation and Healthcare. With a multidisciplinary team, Deep Blue deals with the design, analysis and evaluation of complex socio-technical systems. The company specialises in the optimisation of human-machine interaction, in the integration and the allocation of functions between all the components of an interactive complex system, including human, procedural and equipment aspects.


PEOPLE: Salvatore Micciché

The UNIPA team is part of the Department of Physics and Chemistry. The research activity of the UNIPA team ( mainly deals with empirical characterization and theoretical modeling of stylized facts in financial markets and in social, socio-technical and biological complex systems. That involves the development of tools able to provide a network description of complex systems of different nature, with a special focus on bipartite complex systems. In fact, the UNIPA team has a state of the art expertise in the detection, statistical validation and modeling of networks. The expertise covers both interaction networks and similarity based networks.


PEOPLE: Gerald Gunter, Luis Delgado, Graham Tanner, Andrew Cook

The ATM research team at UoW is engaged in transport research, consultancy, and teaching. It examines air transport issues in a holistic and integrated context, with a substantial focus on door-to-door passenger mobility and choice paradigms. Its research encompasses route planning, demand forecasting, economics of operation, and competitive analysis, with a strong emphasis on data-driven analyses, numerical models, and novel metrics for behavioural data, system performance, complex phenomena, and resilience.


PEOPLE: Mihaela Mitici, René Verbeek

The Air Transport & Operations (ATO) research group at TU Delft in engaged in air transport research and teaching. ATO has three research goals: 1) to develop radical new ways to optimise aircraft operations for efficiency, safety, cost, and environmental impact; 2) to extend the analysis to an airline fleet and network level to include capacity and resilience; 3) to synthesise these to include operational safety at an airline and ATM level. The competencies being used to facilitate these research goals include operations research, stochastic modelling and simulation, multi-agent systems modelling, knowledge-based systems, and acoustic modelling.

Contact Info

Prof. Lorenzo Castelli - University of Trieste

Phone: +39 040 558 3416

Giuseppe Frau - Deep Blue

Phone: +39 06 85 55 208 (ext. 50)