ADAPT Advisory Board Meeting


ADAPT's 2nd advisory board meeting On October 2nd, we had our second advisory board meeting. It's been a good opportunity to present and discuss our results with the main stake holders of the ADAPT concept. If you want to catch up with our latest results you can find here our technical presentations. This is what we have been talking about: - The ADAPT strategic model, namely, how are we able to produce a set of flight plans for a day without breaking the sector capacities [Download ADAPT Strategic Model Presentation] - Cost estimation of delays. What if things [...]

ADAPT Advisory Board Meeting2019-10-14T17:40:05+01:00

A day in the sky. Visualizing the European air-traffic of an entire day


A day in the sky The ADAPT project aim to support strategic planning with a set of models able to accomodate the air traffic demand without introducing capacity problems to the European network and, at the same moment, allowing a certain degree of flexibility. In terms of data, the result of such models are a set of flight plans, with related time-windows representing the measure of flexibility associated with each crossing sector during the future trip. Of course, time-window might be quite different from each others depending on the centrality of a sector and on the time of [...]

A day in the sky. Visualizing the European air-traffic of an entire day2019-09-27T15:04:35+01:00

Prototype and Data Visualization


Prototype and Data Visualization The full concept of the ADAPT solution involves the consultation with the stakeholders (ANSPs and AUs), not only to refine the metrics needed in their decision-making processes, but also to define a way of presenting and assessing this information in a useful way. Since the ADAPT consortium has expertise in data visualization techniques and HMI design, the outcomes of the project will be developed into static and dynamic visualizations, abstracting the relevant features and allowing users to understand the type and operational impact of the information presented. The whole process will be carried out [...]

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