Enabling strategic planning


Enabling strategic planning The aim of the ADAPT project is to adapt, create and test models and metrics that enable strategic planning (early information sharing), by providing the information on flight flexibility and network hotspots, which can eventually be integrated into the Network Operations Plan (NOP) and serve as a basis for stakeholder collaboration. Early information sharing A part of the capacity-demand imbalances, and consequent delays, is caused by unforeseen factors, like weather. The other part is triggered by the lack of accurate information exchange at the required time horizons. The ANSPs plan capacity provision months ahead [...]

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Network Wide Tactical Assessment


Network Wide Tactical Assessment The time windows and the routes identified at the strategic level (read our insight on strategic planning) need to be validated at the tactical level, i.e. from an operational point of view. At this stage, we perform scenario simulations of the en-route phase of all flights present in a selected (large) portion of the airspace over a selected time horizon, such as one day. The input to these simulations are the planned 4-D trajectories for all considered flights obtained in the strategic planning phase and (ii) the associated Time Windows. Such data [...]

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Flight centric tactical assessment


Flight centric tactical assessment Already developed at the strategic level, time windows are assessed in the tactical phase also from a flight performance point of view, i.e., fuel consumption and arrival flight delay. We consider a time horizon from a few hours before flight departure up to 20 minutes before arrival, when the horizon of the Arrival Manager process begins. The input of this assessment are the time windows and routes obtained at the strategic level. Here, uncertainties that at the strategic level are difficult to capture, such as weather forecast errors for the day of the operation [...]

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